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Male Handwheels


Black Colour Part No.Thread Size and LengthHandle DescriptionHandle SizeStandard Quantity
2089M6 x 15Triangular401,000
2087M6 x 20Triangular401,000
134640M6 x 25Triangular401,000
2096M6 x 30Triangular401,000
2098M6 x 35Triangular401,000
1961M8 x 20Triangular601,000
2093M8 x 15Triangular401,000
2094M8 x 20Triangular401,000
2095M8 x 30Triangular401,000
1954M6 x 15Triangular601,000
1955M6 x 20Triangular601,000
1956M6 x 35Triangular601,000
1959M8 x 30Triangular60500
133416M8 x 25Petal401,000
2256M10 x 30Petal401,000
2257M10 x 40Petal401,000
2225M8 x 40Star601,000
2224M8 x 70Star60500
2192M8 x 30Scalloped601,000

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