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Frame Corner Protectors

Glazpart have designed a diverse range of frame protectors to fit 60 mm and 70 mm window profiles. The frame corner protector is used by window fabricators to prevent corner damage of the frame during handling and transit from the fabricator to the installation site. These protectors reduce such damage to a point where, due to the reduction in rework and customer complaints – overall the use of protectors pays for itself.

A range of universal profile versions are available and are installed using a screw fixing, typically through the center of the frame corner protector. Versions are available for 60 mm and 70 mm profiles.
In addition Glazpart has a range of clip in systems which are typically profile specific. The benefits of these designs over their general product benefits are that;

  • No need for a screw fix in the frame. This removes a water ingress route into the frame once the frame corner protector is removed during installation on site.
  • Installation and removal of the clip in frame corner protector is much faster. The clip in frame corner protector can typically be installed in half the time.
  • No use of hand drills thus reducing the risks and monitoring of hand arm vibration during installation and removal.
  • The clip in versions can be reused, if they are returned from site.

Product Images


Part No.LW1W2DMATLProfile SizeMeans of attachmentColour
960111160877124PP70mmClip in
960117160877124PP70mmClip in
960118160877124PP70mmClip in
960350160877124PP70mmClip in
960360160755924PP60mmClip in
960361160755924PP60mmClip in
960370160766024PP60mmClip in
960380160766024PP60mmClip in
960250110676317PP60mmClip in
96033096787317PP70mmClip in
96020074627425PP60mmScrew fix
96021077728025PP70mmScrew fix
96024085667125PP65mmScrew fix
960110160816524PP65mmClip in
96008064618585PP60mmClip in
96008264618585PP60mmClip in
138069716122 PP60mmClip in
960334807122 PP70mmClip in

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