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Glass Corner Protectors

Glazpart have designed a diverse range of glass corner protectors to fit a range of glazing thicknesses from 9 mm to 32 mm. The glass corner protector is used by window fabricators to prevent corner damage of the glass during handling and transit from the fabricator to the installation site. Some are installed as they leave the heat treatment production lines prior to gassing the double or triple glazed units and for single pane applications. These protectors reduce such damage to a point where, due to the reduction in rework and customer complaints – overall the use of such protectors pays for itself.

Some of the glass corner protector range are designed to add value and more value and are designed to act as corner or wedge packers within the corners of window for use during installation of the glazed unit into the frame. This is particularly beneficial when toeing and healing glazed units.

Product Images


Part No.WD1D2DMATLGlass ProtectedColour
960204202323 PPIGU
960244242323 PPIGU
960246242424 PPIGU
960284282424 PPIGU
960320752426.526.5PPIGU Side Protector
96032475292727PPIGU Side Protector
Part No.W1W2D1D2MATLGlass ProtectedColour
9603016.64.62525PPSingle Glass Pane
9603028.66.62525PPSingle Glass Pane
1378009.54116 PPSingle Glass Pane
137801126116 PPSingle Glass Pane

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