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Peg Fixing Lugs

Glazpart offer a full range of profile specific fixing lugs. The fixing lug is used either in combination or separately or where traditional fixing methods for a window frame are either not possible or practical.
The key benefits of the Glazpart range of fixing lugs is the fact that they are moulded in PA6 plastic, whereas the majority of fixing lugs on the market today are metal. This has key benefits;

Corrosion resistant
The fixing lug is used in the majority of cases to fix a window into a window reveal which is on the external wall of the dwelling or over the cavity and the fixing is to the internal wall of the dwelling. By default the fixing lug is fixed to the window on the external face of the dwelling and fixed internally. Therefore, the fixing lug crosses the ‘’thermal bridge’’. The potential for the transmittance of cold temperatures across the thermal bridge is significantly reduced when using a Glazpart fixing lug when compared to the metal products on the market.

Glazpart fixing lugs are ideal for installation of metal windows which are designed to sit on the brickwork or concrete and in check reveals where the brickwork on the outer wall is smaller than the inner wall of the window reveal.

Installation externally should be done with a one way or other security fixing. They should be locatedn during installation as directed by the window manufacturer’s installation guides and industry standard distances from the window corners.

Their use is also key when open cavities are discovered and the fixing lug allows for the fixings to be located where adequate purchase is possible for the fixing. Typically during installation frame packers are used to ensure the fixing lug is not in contact with the substrate which could distort the lug.
Where increased security is required the fixings should be 40mm into the brickwork and be installed internally.


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