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Screw Hole Cover Barrells

Glazpart offer a full range of screw hole covers in an increasing range of colour options.

The range of screw hole covers includes;

Push fit head covers

where the cover is installed into the head of the fixing

Cover barrels

where the cover is installed into the installation hole in the frame

Washer cover caps

where the fixing is placed through the recessed washer and once the fixing is installed the attached cover is placed over the head of the fixing and clipped in place

Colour Range

Glazpart screw hole covers now come in a range of moulded colours to meet referenced RAL, BS or foil reference numbers. This means a significant reduction in the need for the paint spraying of drain hole covers to match profile colours.

Where a though moulded colour is not available from stock our paint spraying service can colour match and supply finished, sprayed drain hole covers within your quoted lead time.

Product Images


Part No.⌀ 2TDMATLColour
80013413.2   PP
80013513.2   PP
80013613.2   PP
80016416.2   PA6
80016516.2   PA6

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