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Slot Lock Bridge Packers

The design of these bridge packers which works as a standard bridge packer allows for a silicone free installation of the bridge packer. The designs locate the bridge packer and compressive forces are generated in the design to “lock” the bridge packer in the slot.


Part No.LW1W2TSUTo Fit ChannelMATLColourImage
2013010012.514.557313 - 14PP
2014410012.514.54.572.513 - 14PP
2619510018.820.457319 - 20PP
2622510020.822.457321 - 22PP
2623510022.824.457323 - 24PP
2624610022.824.467423 - 24PP
2626510024.826.457325 - 26PP
2628510026.828.457327 - 28PP
2630510028.830.457329 - 30PP
2632510030.832.457331 - 32PP
2628810028 86 22 - 44PP

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