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Snaplock Corner Glazing Wedges

This combination of wedges replaces 2 glazing packers and correctly locates them into the window corners. They are used in conjunction with Glazpart corner glazing sliders and a glazing shovel to obtain a tight fit. They are heavy duty, more rigid assembly where greater strength is required. BS 6262 outlines the need for packers to be located 30mm from the corner of the insulated glazed unit. With these parts they locate automatically and eliminate the need for silicone on the vertical (location block) to retain the packer during installation.

Installation or toeing and healing can then be carried out as normal. Site time is reduced and location is correct through the products design.

The difference with these components is that they are supplied flat, saving space in your installers transport. Once on site the “flexi” is simply bent over in the centre and the patented Glazpart snaplock mechanism engages to achieve a 90 degree corner.


Part No.LW1W2T1T2MATLColour
92243276206.52 PP
Part No.LW1W2T1T2MATLColourImage

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