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Glazing Accessories

Glazpart offers the “one stop shop” solution for all your window fabrication and installation component needs. Glazpart delivers the cost effective solution for window and glass spacing, alignment, security and protection needs.

For fabricators we offer design assistance and supply of construction components such as run up blocks, locking and handle wedges and cill end caps. Window design aesthetics are also improved through our range of colour matched drain and screw cap covers.

Improved alignment is delivered from our range of glass setting and location blocks (packers). Bridge and wedge packers support the glass whilst allowing free passage for ventilation and water drainage. Our range of flexi corner wedges offer - technically the best means of toeing and healing glass. Whilst our wide range of colour coded frame packers align the frame to the window reveal.

For protection Glazpart offer ranges of both Glass and window frame corner protectors, reducing damage during fabrication, transit and installation. Beyond, that our glazing shovels ensure correct installation of our parts.

Whilst Glazpart improve window security through the use and location of Glazpart packer product ranges correctly to window system manufacturers guidelines to improve the windows strength and security once installed. Whilst our fixing lugs range offer security enhancements as they reduce thermal transmission across the thermal bridge in the cavity.

Glazing Accessories Reference

Simply hover over the dots below to view accessories applicable to that area of the window. For more information do not hesitate to contact our friendly team. 

Locking Wedges
Interlock to produce draught proof weather seal.
Glass Corner Protector
Protects corners of glass in transit.
Run Up Block
Provide perfect alignment on closed unit.
Handle Striker Wedge
Range of sizes to accommodate cockspur of window casement handle.
Glazing Shovel
Safe and easy implement for the adjustment of glazing packer.
Night Vent Keep
Several cariations available to suit Cockspur and Espagnolette.
Flat Glazing Packer
The simplest methos of packing glazing units.
Bridge Packer
Glazing Packer for installation where drainage is required.
Bridge Wedge Packer
Glazing Wedges
Alternative method of packing unit where high degree of accuracy is required.
Flexible Corner Wedge Sawtooth
To "Heal and Toe" tilt turn window and door units.
Flexible Corner Wedge
To "Heal and Toe" tilt turn window and door units.
Snap Lock Flexible Corner Wedge
To "Heal and Toe" tilt turn window and door units.
Corner Protector
Prevents damage from handling.
Run Up Block Clip Fix
Rigid support and location of Friction Stay.
Drain Hole Cover
Aesthetically pleasing cover to a window's drain holes.
Spring Frame Packer
A less troublesome way of packing casements.
Screw Hole Cover
To hide ugly screws and holes economically and efficiently.


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