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Glazpart WINBAG® for Professionals

WINBAG® is a revolutionary product designed and manufactured in Denmark. The WINBAG® can be used for a variety of applications, including window fitting which becomes a simple 3 step task. 

1, 2, 3 easy and simple

With the WINBAG® it doesn’t get any easier.

Window fitting is done quick, effective and precise - and only by the means of 1 person and a little bit of air… The WINBAG® is invented for professional fitting of both windows and doors. The WINBAG® acts like an extra person on the building site because the fitting is now done by one person – also by large window sections. It applies on both new build and renovation tasks.

glazpart winbag
window fitting winbag

1) Fixation

The window is fixated with 1 WINBAG at the top resting on two blocks in the bottom. The window should now be just as tight as it can still be adjusted.

glazpart winbag

2) Adjustment - in and out

Now the window is adjusted in and out first in the bottom and thereafter in the top in proportion to the facade. This is done by pulling or pushing the window simultaneously with letting a bit of air out of the WINBAG at the top.


3) Adjustment - sideways

The WINBAGs are placed by the sides of the window near the top and bottom. With a leveler the adjustment takes place sideways by adjusting the amount of air in the WINBAGs. The window can now be fixed in the normal manner while the air filled WINBAGs keeps the window in position. At last the WINBAGs can be removed by letting out the air.


Marketing and Sales Display

winbag sales display

We offer a number of point of sales options, please ask your account manager for more details.

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Download the WINBAG sales brochure here.

Glazpart TruFit

TruFit is a pre-compressed foam sealing tape for window and door installation from Edgetech UK. TruFit creates an effective thermal barrier at the edge gap between the window or door frame and the reveal. This ensures a true energy rating performance and a long life weathertight seal. This offers improved energy efficiency, faster installation and a professional finish every time.

Glazpart are proud to stock this product for our trade customers. For all trade enquiries please call us on +44 (0)1295 264533.

Download the corporate PDF brochure

Download the customer PDF brochure

Packers for Professionals

The Glazpart Packers for Professionals range is the ultimate way to grow your consumable sales to trade and DIY window installers.

  • Presentation counter side grows sales quickly and easily as users add the simply designed grab bags to their basket of goods.Even better,they will restock on their next visit.
  • We can also potentially brand header cards with your logos and contact information.
  • These initial offers are the best way to launch in your branch,with a free display stand included in your first promotional offer.
  • They have been designed to put our fastest selling products at your trade counter.
  • You can then upgrade to a larger stand once you see the stock moving

Products include:

  • Flat packers (mixed and single size)
  • Frame packers (klip and standard)
  • Glazing shovels
  • Flexible corner glazing wedges

We have the flexibility to accomodate your requirements, you can even make up your own product packs! Call your account manager for more information.

Download the Packers for Professionals brochure.

packers for professionals


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