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Slimline Trickle Ventilator ("Clip Fit")

Product Overview

Product Overview

The Slimline Ventilator will provide Trickle Ventilation in accordance with the Building Regulations 2000: Part F: Approved Document F1 October 2010 and Scottish Building Regulations October 2011 Standard 3.14.

The product is specifically designed for "Through Profile" PVC-U applications using a 10 mm routered slot, and is available in two sizes. All ventilators are "Clip" fixed with the advantage of rapid fitting to profiles.

The products key features are as follows:

  • Spring Clip fitting (No Screws) (Saves over 1 minute per window to install)
  • Unique closure mechanism provides for adjustable ventilation with a positive action
  • "BBA" Certification
  • Sash window application - "Offset" clips are available

Product Detail

Product Detail

The product consists of an internal ventilator with adjustable closures to regulate incoming air flow and an external canopy with integral fly screen.

Internal ventilator

This is injection moulded in PVC-U, with UV resistant Acetal spring clips that enable the ventilators to be firmly snapped into the routered slot in the profile. The installation of this vent provides time cost savings when compared with 'screw fitting' alternatives.

The closure plate has a positive action and multiple units in the 4000 version provide control of airflow.

A variety of custom fixing clips are available to offset the ventilator vertically relative to the 10mm slot for applications such as sash windows, where space is at a premium. These give offsets of +/- 2mm.

External canopy

This is complimentary to the interior unit and features the same materials and fixing methods. The canopy has an integral fly screen. A flat grill is available

Physical Data

Physical Data

Dimensions & Weights

All dimensions are nominal

Materials Of Construction

Materials of Construction

Internal and external units are primarily moulded in UV stabilised PVC-U. The spring fixing clips are in UV stabilised Acetal. Suppliers data sheets for these polymers are available on request.

Performance Data

Performance Data

Acoustic Values

Acoustic Values

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

  1. The ventilator is normally fitted in the head of the frame or sash in a section that does not contain a reinforcing member.
  2. Rout a 10 mm slot as detailed in the below diagrams.
  3. Units are fitted by locating the spring fixings into the routered slots and pressing firmly into place.

Slim Vent Routing Detail


BBA Certification

Glazpart are the manufacturer of the only range of BBA certificated Trickle vents in the UK.

Current BBA Certifcation cover the standard production colours (white, brown, tan, cream and black). Three additional colours and surface decorations are available but are not covered by existing certification. However, independent test data is available.

Part numbers

For part numbers please refer to the PDF catalog here


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