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Surface Decoration

3D Surface Decoration

Glazpart specialise in the surface lamination of 3D (three dimensional) parts. Typical parts are of Plastic (Injection or Thermoformed) or other substrates such as wood or metal.

Glazpart offer a 3D decoration service and as such are pleased to accept your parts for lamination. We have two methods:

Vacuum foiling

Foiling is used to improve the appearance or durability of the part, and is frequently used to match the appearance of companion products.

Aqua printing

Limitless Possibilities whether it be Domestic, Commercial, Private or Corporate

  • Independantly tested for weathering & U.V. stability
  • Aqua foil unique decoration
  • Added value opportunity
  • 100's of visual finishes.
  • Coats any surface  that can be painted - and more!

Click either process to see how the 3D decoration of product is achieved or click samples to view before and after shots of 3D lamination parts

Norbar Torque Tools Case Study:

Aqua Printed Effects

Woodgrain Effects

Regency A Regency AFoil: 9.0049.177.101100
Piedmont A Piedmont AFoil: 9.0049.186.101100
Siena PR Siena PRFoil:
Siena PN Siena PNFoil:
Winchester XA Winchester XAFoil:
Sherwood G Sherwood GFoil: 9.0049.158.101100
Shogun AD Shogun ADFoil:
Shogun AC Shogun ACFoil:
Sherwood W Sherwood WFoil: 9.0049.201.101100
Oregon Pine Oregon PineFoil:
Dark Oak Dark OakFoil:
Light Oak Light OakFoil:
Sapeli SapeliFoil:
Mahogany MahoganyFoil:
Golden Oak Golden OakFoil:
Walnut V Walnut VFoil:
Mountain Pine Mountain PineFoil:
Natural Oak Natural OakFoil: 9.3118.076.116800
Rustic Oak Rustic OakFoil:
Striped Douglas Striped DouglasFoil:
Swamp Oak Swamp OakFoil:
Black Cherry Black CherryFoil:
Irish Oak Irish OakFoil:
Antique Oak Antique OakFoil:
Rustic Cherry Rustic CherryFoil:
Soft Cherry Soft CherryFoil:

Solid Colour Effects

Cream White Cream WhiteFoil: 9001
Light Ivory Light IvoryFoil:
Crystal White Crystal WhiteFoil:
White WhiteFoil: 9010
Silver Platinum Silver PlatinumFoil:
Dark Red Dark RedFoil: 3011
Brilliant Blue Brilliant BlueFoil: 5007
Steel Blue Steel BlueFoil: 5011
Moss Green Moss GreenFoil: 6005
Dark Green Dark GreenFoil: 6009
Signal Grey Signal GreyFoil: 7004
Basalt Grey Basalt GreyFoil: 7012
Anthracite Grey Anthracite GreyFoil: 7016
Agate Grey Agate GreyFoil: 7038
Quartz Grey Quartz GreyFoil: 7039
Grey GreyFoil: 7001Emboss available
Light Grey Light GreyFoil: 7035
Black Brown Black BrownFoil: 8022
Chocolate Brown Chocolate BrownFoil: 8022
Beck Brown Beck BrownFoil: 8022
Gale Grey Gale GreyFoil: 7016Finesse available
Hazy Grey Finesse Hazy Grey FinesseFoil: 7001Sovereign available
Slate Grey Slate GreyFoil: 7015Emboss & Finesse available
Chartwell Green Chartwell GreenRAL: 49246
Wine Red Finesse Wine Red FinesseFoil: 3005


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